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Energy Savings Calculator

LEDVista logoEnergy Savings Calculator - LEDVista

Switch to LED lamps to achieve a substantial reduction in your electricity bill. See exactly how much money you can save by using the Energy Savings Calculator provided below.

Existing Bulb/Lamp LED Replacement
Wattage (W)
Number of Lamps 12
Electricity Cost per kWh 0.15 0.15
Hours ON per Day (avg) 8
Electricity Cost per Day 0.00 0.00
Days used per Year (est) 300
Cost per Year 0.00 0.00
Saving per Year 0.00
Saving per Month 0.00
Percent Saving 0 %
LED lamp Cost (each)
Total Investment 0.00
Payback Period - Years 0
Payback in Months 0