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Express your sense of style with outdoor lighting. Philips Ledino Outdoor is the first exterior lighting range that’s the perfect compliment to modern interior design. And best of all it doesn’t cost the earth to install. Impressive, bold and minimalist, Ledino Outdoor’s elegant contemporary style is the perfect way to grace gardens, pathways and outdoor spaces with light. What’s more, Ledino Outdoor has low maintenance and running costs thanks to the energy efficient PowerLED technology inside. It typically consumes just a fiffth of the power of a standard incandescent garden lamp – and has an ultra-long lifetime of more than 20 years.

The secret to Ledino Outdoor’s breathtaking looks is the very latest PowerLED lighting technology, allowing new levels of design miniaturization and innovation. Small and slim, Ledino Outdoor creates the right stylish accents in your outdoor environment. It introduces exciting new forms and lighting effects that you’ve never seen before, and there’s a complete range to choose from. Although compact, Ledino Outdoor illuminates a large space, and casts an appealing, glare-free light that doesn’t dazzle. It has a wonderful warm white glow that’s easy on the eye and lights outdoor features correctly, even tricky colours like the green, green grass of home. Of course outdoor lighting is about safety as well as show. Ledino Outdoor’s ultra low energy consumption means you can leave it on without worrying about energy costs, while its ultra long life means you’ll never have to think about replacing a bulb. Maintenance is a thing of the past too, since each Ledino Outdoor fixture is tough enough to withstand all weathers. In addition there’s absolutely no assembly required – just plug and play by day and marvel at Ledino Outdoor’s beautiful light by night. Choose Ledino LED luminaires to support a sustainable environment.

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