Towards a Green Economy and Sustainable Environment

It is estimated that over 20% of worldwide electricity production is used for lighting alone. There is now widespread awareness of the fragility of our planet and international acceptance of the imperative to reduce carbon emissions as a global community to minimise climate change and achieve a healthier sustainable environment. At least a third of the electricity consumed globally for lighting can be saved through switching to more energy efficient lighting sources. Such savings of over 900 billion KiloWatt hours of electrical power would result in a reduction in global emissions of more than 450 million tons of CO2. As lighting technologies become more energy efficient over the coming years, the potental to reduce CO2 emissions will be even substantially higher than above.

As a result of the continuing advances in LED technology, the potential to conserve energy and control carbon footprint on a global scale is tremendous. LEDs are substantially more energy-efficient than all other forms of lighting: consuming 80% less electricity than incandescent or halogen bulbs; 50% less than fluorescent tubes; and up to 30% less than CFLs.

For most organisations, lighting accounts for up to 50% of total electricity costs. 

At LEDVISTA we believe that LED technology has emerged as the most environmentally responsible and sustainable lighting technology available and is no longer restricted to specialty applications due to breakthrough advances such as lumen/watt performance and white light quality. The new era of light has already begun as LEDs and OLEDs rapidly gain momentum in replacing traditional lighting technologies (including incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and CFL) in the public, commercial and residential sectors.

All products and solutions for lighting applications provided by LEDVISTA are LED technology based without exception, containing no harmful substances such as mercury (unlike fluorescent and CFL light sources), and comply with RoHS standards. 

LED lamps do not emit UV or IR

LED lamps last 50,000 hours, less waste

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